How to Get the Average of Decimals?

Answer Finding an average of a set of numbers is also known as finding the mean. The only difference between decimals and whole numbers is that decimals represent a portion of a whole number, which may or... Read More »

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How to Add Decimals?

Adding decimals can seem to be a tedious job, and a single mistake can result in a completely different number. In reality, it is quite easy, and with a good method and some practice it can be done... Read More »

How to Figure Decimals?

There are two types of numbers you can express as decimals. The first is a fraction, such as 3/4. The second is a percentage, such as 75 percent. With both types of numbers, you can figure out what... Read More »

When do skydivers use decimals?

The answer to "when do skydivers use decimals" is "in tenths situations." The actual question is a math pun that makes a play on the word "tense," according to Teq Smart.References:Teq Smart: Annou... Read More »

How to Add & Multiply Using Decimals?

Decimals are a useful way to express parts of a whole. Decimal numbers are most often seen in monetary amounts, but they can be used in any measurements. Once you know what to do with the decimal p... Read More »