How to Get the Age of Victory Badge on Kongregate?

Answer Here's a way to get that medium badge with only 2 clicks of your mouse!

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Can you wear and Expert Infantry Badge and a Combat Action Badge on dress Blues?

No. You can only wear one Category 1 badge on any uniform, which both the EIB and CAB are. You could wear it with an EFMB or CMB (which are Category 2), but not with an EIB or CIB.

How to Play on Kongregate?

If you wondered how to play on the "Youtube for games" then look over here. You will find the basic steps in order to play on one of the most famous gaming website.

How to Become a Moderator in Kongregate?

Ever wanted to silence those annoying trolls in chatrooms? Ever wanted to have more power? Then this guide is for you. Some parts in this guide are not fully necessary though.

How to Download a Song from Kongregate Collabs?

Some users post some really good stuff on Collabs, but don't allow you to download it. Thanks to the rather simple player and code used by Kongregate there is a simple workaround.