How to Get the '50s look?

Answer Whether you're going to a costume party or bringing back the retro look, there are a few trends from the '50s you can use today to pull together your outfit. The 1950s was a decade of conservatism,... Read More »

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I look like crap in the morning, then I look good, then I look nasty ?

just dont even think about it. know that ur beautiful

Ladies, if you ever look at pictures of models in magazines and feel bad, look here.?

Thank you! It's so hard to be a girl and look at these women who are the epitome of society perfection. Perfect hair, skin, teeth, waist, boobs, everything! And then you look in the mirror and see ... Read More »

If you look up "child pornography" on Google will it actually show up I do NOT want to look at it I ask?

Probably not, Google is pretty good about no letting that kind of thing show up. Still it's not impossible, so it's better not to tempt fate and try it.Also, the term "deep web" refers, by definiti... Read More »

Stardom Hollywood the app, should I look away or look into the directors eyes?