How to Get over a Horse?

Answer Have you ever experienced riding a horse that's so amazing and you love the feel of cantering on their back? Have you ever experienced coming back to the stable and realizing that they're not in th... Read More »

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Can you paint over horse hair plaster?

Horse hair plaster is made from a mixture of lime putty, sand and water. Each of these ingredients must be added in proper ratios. Horse hair can be worked into the mix to provide greater stability... Read More »

How to Get over Your Fears After You Fall off a Horse?

Hopefully, your fall wasn't this bad.Let's admit it, we all have stories to tell when there comes a time we don't want to get on the horse after we fall off. It’s true about getting straight back... Read More »

How to Trot Your Horse over Jumps Comfortably?

Usually, riders ride their horse over jumps at a canter but when a rider first learns to jump they usually learn jumping in trot before they try to jump from canter. It's usually easier for the rid... Read More »

Is it OK to drywall over horse hair plaster ceilings?

You can affix drywall over old plaster walls and ceilings. You will, however, need to clean up the plaster before you put up the drywall to ensure proper fitting. Also, make sure the supports behin... Read More »