How to Get over a Friend Who Backstabbed You?

Answer You and your friend were best-friends-forever until the end, right? And then, something happened and this person backstabbed you. No way to deny that it happened...Now what do you do?Getting over a... Read More »

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Can a parent sign over their child to a friend so her friend can adopt her?

Why would you want to do that babies are sweet adorable and loving and so are children darn you for being mean to those kids how dare you I will make sure no one answers this question so you can't ... Read More »

How to Invite a Friend Over?

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How to Get over Losing a Friend?

It can happen. A friend doesn't want to be your friend anymore, and it might hurt your feelings, and if it does you can always try these suggestions. Although this is from my personal experience, i... Read More »

How to Apologize to a Friend over the Phone?

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