How to Get over a Dead Parent?

Answer This article is about getting over a dead parent. Its hard but read on to find out how.

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Parent hands child over to almost anyone how can I prove this parent is unfit?

i have this problem also what i did was kept a diary of who where when whty and how..... also direct quotes...take these to the local child services and they will point you in the right direction

Could an Illegal immigrant parent have child custody over American parent?

Answer Maybe, but it would be difficult unless extentuating circumstances exist.Custodial issues are mandated under state laws whereas immigration issues are the jurisdiction of federal authorities... Read More »

How can one parent sign over complete custody to the other parent if he doesn't want anything to do with them and not pay child support?

Answer Technically, at least in IN, a parent can sign an agreement stating that they terminate their parental rights and that child support is also terminated. However, they can always petition the... Read More »

What lesson have you had to learn over and over again as a parent?

No matter what they say, most sippy cups are NOT spill proof