How to Get over Not Having a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Answer Some people yearn for love.When we get to a certain age, a lot of us feel the need to have a girlfriend/boyfriend. As the people around us get paired off, we feel increasingly alone, and this can s... Read More »

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Having a hard time getting Oprah Winfrey fan email address so you can ask her about having a makeover for short over weight women?

Does having a tattoo done feel like your being jabbed with a sharp pencil over and over?

people STOP getting tattoos!! It's so stupid & so permanent! Usually you grow out of them. Beyond those reasons, they are just so tacky & ugly.Honestly... our bodies are beautiful. STOP ruining the... Read More »

How to Get over Having Missed Your Prom?

So you missed your prom...Maybe you were home schooled and didn't have one. Maybe you had really overprotective parents who didn't let you go. Maybe you were grounded. Maybe you had a personal or f... Read More »

Im having people over for a movie night?

Scary Movie - Chuckie - Very Scary.Foods - Popcorn, Chips, Carrot sticks, Chocolate, Any of your Fave CandiesDrinks - Soda with Caffine (so no one falls asleep), Smoothies are always a go, Milkshak... Read More »