How to Get out of the Rough at a Golf Course?

Answer The method to make a choppy golf shot and get your golf ball out of deep grass or rough.

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What is the best golf course near Whispering Hills Golf Estates, Florida?

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If you were driving on a road that passes by a golf course and a golf ball smashed your windshield who is responsible?

Answer The person who hit the ball, and perhaps the course if they have not taken adequate precaution to prevent the ball from exiting their facilities onto a public road. Answer I disagree, whe... Read More »

How do i set up a Frisbee golf course?

Choose an AreaFind an area, such as a park or field, where you can set up 18 Frisbee golf holes. Pick spots for the beginning and end holes of the course and try to visualize the holes making a fig... Read More »

How to Be Stylish on the Golf Course?

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