How to Get out of a Car That's Hanging over a Cliff?

Answer In almost all serious auto accidents, your best chance of survival is if you manage to stay inside the protective cage of the car. But if your car goes over a cliff, you don't want to be in it. If ... Read More »

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How to Dive Off a Cliff?

It is possible to successfully jump off a cliff into a lake or the ocean. In fact, it's an extreme sport for some people, and it's a tourist attraction in places such as La Quebrada in Mexico where... Read More »

Monongahela Cliff Plants?

Plants found on cliffs are usually the same type plants found on nearby flatter lands, but the special challenges of cliff-dwelling leads to interesting adaptations. On exposed cliffs where the tem... Read More »

Why do children need to be thrown off a cliff?

When children are born they don't come with a manual on how to train them, they are a blank page waiting for the parents to teach them everything they need to know about life and reality. They need... Read More »

What number is Cliff Floyd?

The number on Cliff Floyd's jersey is 16. Floyd plays the left field position for the Padres, San Diego's Major League baseball team. He bats left-handed and throws with his right.Source:ESPN: Clif... Read More »