How to Get out of Doing Your Assignment for a Couple of Days?

Answer Have you ever wanted to get out of doing your assignment?Was there that assignment is class that was just too hard or you just don't feel like doing? Here a few handy tips on how to get out of doin... Read More »

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Can you get pregnant 4 days after your period I have had slight cramping the last couple days I don't think it is an infection bc theres no odor itchingor rash.?

You can only get pregnant during ovulation. But all women ovulate at different times. But it's usually about two weeks before starting your period. So on average the chances of you getting pregnant... Read More »

Can you tell your pregnant after a couple of days?

Of course not!!!I DISAGREE................I know its so weird to say but I know I was ovulating for the last 2 days. I feel a weird sensation in alil cramping...and something on my l... Read More »

How to Procrastinate Doing a Homework Assignment?

Ever get an assignment your just didn't want to do right away?  Well here are some steps to help you avoid an assignment for a little while.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you have unprotected sex a couple days after your period and he cums in you?