How to Get out of Debt and Save Money?

Answer Debt is like a disease that can enable us from living a happy and normal life by taking control over our lives. Most of us don’t even know how we end up in the situation we are in. Buying every t... Read More »

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Should I Pay Off My Credit Card Debt First or Save Money?

A birthday party amuses the celebrant and guests. When gathering boys and girls for a birthday party, plan for activities and an atmosphere to welcome and engage both genders. Invite preteen or tee... Read More »

Kevin Rudd's message to Australia: Don't save money, keep spending, don't pay off debt. Is this irresponsible?

From all the advice that experts are giving in the US, UK and in Australia, the message is unanimously to save wherever possible, get rid of credit card debt (often with interest rates of 15-21%) a... Read More »

Save Money On Groceries - How To Save Money On Grocery Shopping At The Supermarket?

1. Seasonal offers, weekend special discounts and grocery food coupons are the all-time favorite money-savers while shopping at the supermarket. Plus, if you shop at the same place for a while, you... Read More »

Do energy save light bulb Really Save you Money?

YES with the cost of electricity now !!!!but go and buy them from ikea, which is a lot cheaper than b&q etc