How to Get or Make the Perfect Nickname for You?

Answer Growing tired of your real name? Want to be called something silly or funny, cool or awesome? Well that's what nicknames are for. You probably know nicknames from the weird things your parents call... Read More »

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Why do celebrities seem to have perfect skin, perfect body, and perfect teeth?

im guessing it is because they have their own personal instructers and stuff like that. And sometimes i have heard that the camra takes off 10 pounds or it puts on and most of the time stars arent... Read More »

How to Make a New Nickname Stick?

A nickname can be a big part of a person, but it can be rather difficult to change or start a nickname, so try out these steps.

How to Make a Good Nickname?

Regardless of the chosen nickname, they all provide a source of bonding and a sense of intimacy and understanding between friends and family. They usually reference something that stands out regard... Read More »

How to Make a Cool Nickname for Yourself?

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