How to Get on a Balance Beam?

Answer Have you ever tried to get on a balance but seem to always fall of ? If so, this wiki is for you.

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The Difference Between a Triple Beam Balance & Double Beam Balance?

Both the triple beam balance and double beam balance are used to measure the weight of an object, and are commonly used in the classroom to teach students the basics in mass and weight of objects. ... Read More »

How to Use a Balance Beam in a Lab?

When performing experiments in a science lab it is important to take accurate measurements for all data collected to ensure you get the best results. A balance beam scale uses one or more beams alo... Read More »

What is a balance beam used for?

The balance beam serves as a competitive apparatus in the sport of gymnastics. Originally, the balance beam was used to help gymnasts improve balance skills. But in the 1934 Budapest World Champion... Read More »

When was the balance beam invented?

The balance beam was invented in the late 1700s by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn of Germany. Jahn is sometimes referred to as the "father of modern gymnastics." In addition to the balance beam, Jahn develo... Read More »