How to Get on HOV Lanes?

Answer When you are driving, STOP!, There's a major congestion and you really want to hurry up but there are HOV lanes or HOT lanes, or whatever it is. If you live in a urban city, there is maybe bad traf... Read More »

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Can taxis use bus lanes?

Two types of bus lanes exist: bus lanes and bus-only lanes. The bus lanes are primarily designed for bus use, but taxis may use them. Taxis, or any other types of vehicles, are prohibited from usin... Read More »

The History of Bowling Lanes?

More than 100 million people bowl worldwide. There are thousands of recreational leagues in the United States alone. The Federation Internationale des Quilleurs, or FIQ, acts as a governing body fo... Read More »

Can motorcycles share car lanes?

Motorcycles cannot share car lanes with another car. However, lane sharing by two motorcycles is legal in some states. Lane splitting--or riding a motorcycle between lanes of slow or stopped cars o... Read More »

I was splitting lanes and got hit by a car......... am i at fault?

not enough info, thats of course if you were in california. Everywhere else its not allowed which is a bummer cause lane sharing is where its at, filter thru to the head of traffic at lights cruise... Read More »