How to Get on HOV Lanes?

Answer When you are driving, STOP!, There's a major congestion and you really want to hurry up but there are HOV lanes or HOT lanes, or whatever it is. If you live in a urban city, there is maybe bad traf... Read More »

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Can taxis use bus lanes?

Two types of bus lanes exist: bus lanes and bus-only lanes. The bus lanes are primarily designed for bus use, but taxis may use them. Taxis, or any other types of vehicles, are prohibited from usin... Read More »

What wood is used for bowling lanes?

Historically, bowling alleys have used wood for bowling lane surfaces--maple in the front section of the lane, where the players walk and where the ball hits, and pine in the back portion of the la... Read More »

What are bowling lanes made of?

Modern bowling lanes are made of a synthetic phenolic resin, an industrial laminated plastic, instead of solid maple hardwood. The synthetic material is much harder, denser and more durable than ha... Read More »

How long are bowling lanes?

A regulation bowling lane, or alley, is 62 feet, 10 3/16 inches long from the foul line to the pit. However, an alley can be up to 62 feet, 10 11/16 inches long because of an allowable half-inch to... Read More »