How to Get off the Phone With a Talker?

Answer Unless they're paying you by the minute, don't let someone trap you on the phone. Take control!

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Can you use an Xbox 360 smack talker with skullcandy headphones?

Yes you can! With any kind of headphones. But it won't if the hole isn't big enough for it.

Are you a talker or a texter?

i agree.. also for me it depends who it is.

How to Be a Good Talker?

Communication is an art form. While opening your mouth and producing sounds may be simple, creating sounds with meaning and speaking in a manner that is optimally effective is not. If you want to b... Read More »

Hi my daughter is 3 and she seems delay talker .Any suggetion?

schools do have speech teachers for preschoolers and a regular speech therapist works wonders. Myson has autism causing his speech to be very delayed ( still is at 7) but because f the speech teach... Read More »