How to Get off the Phone Quickly?

Answer Sometimes you're busy and sometimes you're just not in the mood. Keep reading for tips and tricks to end unwanted phone calls. Is there a friend or family member who you love dearly but sometimes t... Read More »

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Why doesn't my android phone send texts and phone calls over the internet when its in a dead spot for phone service?

The X8 is a mile ahead of the game here. The Razor is very cheap and tacky and a very badly-rounded phone, whereas the X8 can compete with higher end phones in some areas.

Is there cdn phone number or cdn website for a phone co. called i phone u Believe thats the correct spelling.? don't check credit history! ( for landline/cellphone)iphoneyou, is some kinda 3rd billing pre-paid Voip/Sip service....there are much better service out there! don't even mess with it!

If you have a 3G phone can you buy a 4G phone on Craigslist and it'll work if you tell the phone company that you want to upgrade to the 4G plan?

How to Get Rid of a Tan Quickly?

Most tans, whether they came from a sunless tanning lotion or exposure to the sun itself, eventually fade with time. However, for some people, this process can take several weeks or even months. Wh... Read More »