How to Get off the Idea of Wanting to Try Drugs?

Answer Most people consider drugs at some point or another in their lives. Some feel that it is wrong, but still feel tempted by social pressures or just internal interest.

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Was the creator of the new skittles/tube sock commercial on drugs when he came up with the idea?

Okay, had to see this, is it just me that is reminded of a giant condom when watching this?

If you do drugs while you are pregnant how long will the drugs stay in the baby's system?

Remember, the fetus is still developing in the womb. What it experiences there it "perceives" as being normal, so if there are drugs in the woman's body, the baby will be born with its brain "wired... Read More »

Im looking for a song about drugs or doing drugs (it's to go with a video for a project!) any suggestions?

Some ones that havent been said yetecstasy- The Streets- Blinded by the LightsMotorcycle-As the Rush ComesThe Doves- There goes the fearThe Twang- Cloudy Room (love this song :D)marijuana-Up In Sm... Read More »

Does the 'taking' of soft drugs lead to hard drugs?

only if you let it. one drink doesnt make you an alcoholic, and one spliff doesnt make you a junkie in waiting, but some folks have an addictive nature, be it lines of coke, tins of tennants super,... Read More »