How to Get in Touch With a Holocaust Survivor?

Answer The story of the Holocaust inflicted upon the Jewish people during World War II is one that should not be forgotten. Though those who survived the atrocity are aging, there are ongoing efforts to d... Read More »

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Who first called the Holocaust"the Holocaust"?

The term “Holocaust” derives from an ancient Greek word meaning, “sacrifice by fire.” No single person first used the term. As early as 1941, the term Holocaust described the destruction o... Read More »

I am a cancer survivor I wanna break up with my gf...?

Please reconsider doing this. Check with her if this is something she wants to do. I doubt she wants to find a rich and healthy man to replace you. It doesn't seem to work that way.

Is there a survivor benefit if someone with disability insurance dies?

This information would have to come from the payer of the disability insurance amounts.

Who sings the end credit song on Extreme Makeover Wedding Edition with the cancer survivor?