How to Get in Shape for Volleyball?

Answer Volleyball can be a very difficult sport to train for, no matter whether you're a boy or a girl. With the right steps though, you could be on your way to making varsity! Here are some simple traini... Read More »

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How to Find The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face Shape?

Eyebrows are very important features on your face. With it being the perfect shape for your face, it will improve your overall appearance. You will have to look at your own face shape to determin... Read More »

How to Shape Face - Improve the Shape of a Wide Face with Face Exercises and Makeup?

Two inexpensive ways to improve the shape of your face involve facial-exercises and effective makeup application. Here is what you need to learn to make your wide face seem more narrow: ... Read More »

Why is the pentagon the shape of a pentagon not any outer shape in Washington DC?

The building plans was made for another site where it had to have that shape to maximize the use of the land. The building site was changed but the plans kept the old way since it was early war tim... Read More »

What was used as the very first volleyball?

No record exists of the ball William G. Morgan used in 1895 at the YMCA in Holyoke, Mass., when he strung a tennis net across a room and created volleyball, which he called "mintonette." Five years... Read More »