How to Get drunk for less than 1$/€?

Answer Here's a "quick and dirty" way to make your own alcohol. No special equipment required. All you'll need is:1. Pack of fresh yeast,2. Plastic bottle,3. 1/3 cup of sugar,4. 2 Bananas, (optional)5. Wa... Read More »

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Is a beer drunk different than a hard alcohol drunk?

Alcohol is alcohol. It's all metabolized the same by an individual. The sugar in a lot of liqueurs causes worse hangovers. Personally, I have a hard time getting drunk on beer because I get bloated... Read More »

Why should taxpayers accept anything less than the healthcare of our employees (Obama et al) are we less human?

Well, I think "mommanuke" may have unwittingly nuked her youthful brain because she never even answered your question in big, bold letters, but went off on you for getting irrational just because y... Read More »

How to Change From Greater Than to Less Than With an Equation?

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that studies the rules of operations and numerical relationships. An equation is simply a mathematical statement that includes an equal or inequality sign. For in... Read More »

Survey!!! It Costs Less than Scotch But More Than?

The answer lies here: