How to Get at Least 3 Kills With the Commando on Black Ops?

Answer The Commando gun on the menu.Do you like the gun Commando on Black Ops? Want to be good with it, but you are not? Read this article to find out how to be good with the Commando, and to get at least... Read More »

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Do you know any wheelchair guys who wear a kilt and commando/ commando?

I don't personally know anybody myself, but I asked a good friend of mine who works for people with disabilities. There are several people who are in wheelchairs and go commando. He knows this cu... Read More »

What kills tiny black bugs, not fleas, coming in from outside?

Who were Air force pilots with mig kills in Vietnam?

Approximately 120 US airmen scored aerial victories over North Vietnamese airmen during the war. USN Cunningham & USAF Ritchie earned "Ace" status while flying the F-4 Phantom II's; our last "Ace's... Read More »

How to Do Commando Sit Ups?

Commando sit ups are a challenging exercise for adults and a fun workout for children. They represent a more intense and all encompassing abdominal workout for an individual who wants a little more... Read More »