How to Get an Extra 30 Minutes of Sleep?

Answer 8/10 people who sleep make up 80% of the population of people who sleep. Everybody sleeps, and everybody that sleeps often complain about how they do not get enough sleep. By being able to sleep fo... Read More »

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How to Get Extra Sleep During School?

Are you wondering how to get extra sleep during school? It's easy all it takes is knowing when to do it. And how to get away with it.

Driving at 5 am off no sleep for like 12 minutes Bad idea?

If insomnia is chronic, you should know if you can stay awake while driving. Your friend is counting on you to drive to station. Will you be okay? The pressure is on!

Why does my HP monitor go to sleep 10 minutes after I turn the computer on?

I have the same problem with my HP which isn't even a year old yet. It was real hot too, the fan wasn't working, but even when I had it fixed it still overheats and it goes into sleep mode when I'... Read More »

Is there a brand that makes jeans in extra extra petite length?

Gap Ankle length jeans work for me, but I am a fair amount taller than you, I'm 5' 2.5". If that doesn't work, just dry them on high heat a couple of times and they'll shrink up.Oh also I think it... Read More »