How to Get an Electronic Toll Pass for Tolls?

Answer Are you tired of giving the money to the toll attendents by paying cash or a credit card to them. But I got a idea, To go faster instead of paying at the toll attendents. Get a pass for tolls. You ... Read More »

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If you cant pay a toll at the toll booth, what do the people make you do?

They take down your car license platre and send you a bill , or you have to write them an IOU...a summons may be issued if you don't pay! I was short one night, the toll taker took it out of his o... Read More »

Severn Bridge Toll is Free to Motorbikes, Any other UK Toll bridges free also?

To Answer your question The Forth bridge , the Bridge over to Sky Is all i can find in the UK :(But there are protest groups ,to fight against, these high-way robbers I wish i could give you ... Read More »

How to Use Good to Go! for Tolls?

Boat on Lake Washington. The soon to be tolled 520 bridge is in the background.Good To Go! is a recent Washington State electronic tolling system designed to raise funds for projects and decrease t... Read More »

Taxes Mileage Vs. Tolls?

The federal government derives the bulk of its operating revenue from personal income taxes. Not all income is subject to taxation, however. If you use your personal vehicle for business purposes, ... Read More »