How to Get an Electronic Toll Pass for Tolls?

Answer Are you tired of giving the money to the toll attendents by paying cash or a credit card to them. But I got a idea, To go faster instead of paying at the toll attendents. Get a pass for tolls. You ... Read More »

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If you cant pay a toll at the toll booth, what do the people make you do?

They take down your car license platre and send you a bill , or you have to write them an IOU...a summons may be issued if you don't pay! I was short one night, the toll taker took it out of his o... Read More »

Severn Bridge Toll is Free to Motorbikes, Any other UK Toll bridges free also?

To Answer your question The Forth bridge , the Bridge over to Sky Is all i can find in the UK :(But there are protest groups ,to fight against, these high-way robbers I wish i could give you ... Read More »

What are toll roads On my GPS is there is an option of avioding Toll Roads, but I don't know what they are.?

Toll Roads are usually State or Federal Highways that require you to pay a toll before traveling on them. The toll is usually about $2.00. Sometimes, people want to avoid paying money, so on your G... Read More »

How to Use Good to Go! for Tolls?

Boat on Lake Washington. The soon to be tolled 520 bridge is in the background.Good To Go! is a recent Washington State electronic tolling system designed to raise funds for projects and decrease t... Read More »