How to Get an Attached Man?

Answer Sometimes the right man for you might be with the wrong woman for him. Show him how attractive you are and how much better you two would be together!

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Is laminate with foam attached better or worse than laminate without foam attached.?

It is not necessarily better or worse. It is easier for the "do-it-yourselfer" because it is already attached but it limits your choice as to which type of underlayment (foam) you can use. Most pre... Read More »

What is an attached garage?

An attached garage is a car garage with one or more walls adjacent to a house or a commercial building. It can be a desirable asset in real estate since a person can enter a house directly from an ... Read More »

How is a basketball net attached to the rim?

A basketball net is attached to a rim in a variety of manners, depending upon the manufacturer. Some rely on hook-and-loop fasteners, but most contain metal hooks attached to the rim. The net is hu... Read More »

What does"strings attached"mean?

The term "strings attached" usually refers to a catch regarding an offer of some sort. The term is the opposite of "no strings attached," which means "no catch." The saying is also applied to relat... Read More »