How to Get an Athletic Body?

Answer Do you want to lose some pounds, gain some muscle, and transform your body from flab to ab? Many people struggle with how to get in shape, and build muscle. If you are trying to get an athletic bod... Read More »

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What body is considered athletic body as opposed to thin?

I want a fit toned athletic body.?

a lot of running and training or the calve quad and hip flexor muscles to get strength and therefore speed up and workout for toning do lighter weight more reps 12 for muscle build 70 percent of ma... Read More »

How to get a fit muscly athletic body and be a fast runner.?

run all day, everyday.. do some leg workouts'll give you more power to let yourself run faster, working abs is gonna help too cause of the chest rotation when runnning fast, unless you're a... Read More »

I want to run fast and have a fit athletic muscly body,10 points.?

eat more, drink protein if you wantpushups are a chest exerciseif you want to be a fast runner, you need stamina and speed. run more and do short bursts (30 secs to 1 minute) of extremely fast runn... Read More »