How to Get an 80s Hairstyle?

Answer The 1980s was remembered for women's voluminous hairstyles, which were inspired by music trends and celebrity culture. Big hair included teased bangs that were styled over the forehead and teased h... Read More »

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How can I do this hairstyle?

You'll need: bobby pins (slides), curlers, hairspray and decorated hair clip (flower, bow etc..)First you'll need to part your hair with a thin comb or a finger. Curl the hair in very thin pieces s... Read More »

How to Do a '40s Hairstyle?

One of the most popular elements used in styling hair during the 1940s was the pin curl. Pin curls make the hair very full with curled ends and can be styled in several ways. Setting your own pin c... Read More »

What hairstyle is best on me?

Personally i like curlybut curly makes you look older and has more personalitystraight just doesnt make you stand out that much but is prettyscene is crazy so if u wanna stand out do thatand long m... Read More »

What hairstyle should I get!?