How to Get a Wife and Have a Good Life With Her?

Answer It's hard to get a nice wife AND stick with her happily forever. In the USA, the divorce statistics are shocking. Here are some tips on how to find someone you will love and be with forever.

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What short-lived TV spinoff of Cheers featured Carla's ex-hubby Nick and his new wife played by the real-life wife of Casey Casem?

What is life like for your wife when you join the army?

Frankly, it sucks! My husband is in the Army, and it just sucks. I feel lonely and sad and worried all the time. And, even though he calls, it's not the same. We just want our husbands home. We wan... Read More »

Can husband and wife remain on auto and life insurance policies after the divorce?

Answer As for the life insurance the answer is yes. For the auto the answer is maybe. If the cars are jointly titled then most likely yes as long as both or you remain in the same state. You wil... Read More »

You have problems deciding whether or not it would be a good idea to make the transition from military life to civilian life but don't know which is better please help?

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