How to Get a White Car Clean?

Answer You love your white car because of how striking it looks as you cruise down the road. All the other cars around yours are dark and blend in with the crowd. Your white-colored ride sets you apart un... Read More »

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How to Clean Oxidized White Plastic Lawn Chairs So You Don't Get White on Your Clothes?

Oxidation occurs on objects, such as plastic lawn chairs, after a long exposure to oxygen. After oxygen and water come in contact with metal, the process results in rust. With white plastic chairs ... Read More »

How to Clean a White DSi?

The Nintendo DSi, a mobile gaming device, utilizes a matte finish to create a shiny appearance. To avoid damaging the matte finish, you must clean your DSi carefully. Commercial cleaning products c... Read More »

How to clean white vans?

Sounds like your mom just ruined them ?I would,nt use bleach on them Washing powder or baking soda and a toothbrush is the way to go Bleach is a great whitener on most thingsBut on canvas and rubbe... Read More »

How to Clean a White Tongue?

White tongue essentially results when the papillae, which are the tongue's finger-like projections, become inflamed. The appearance of a white coating occurs when bacteria, dead cells and debris ge... Read More »