How to Get a Union Job?

Answer We are in the world of technology, where people use the mind to control the world.Apart from that,we all know that,world without education people is nothing.Many people in the world now ,understand... Read More »

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Do I need to join the carpenter's union to work at Union Pacific?

People hired by Union Pacific to work jobs subject to collective bargaining agreements will have union dues deducted from their paycheck. Carpenter positions are union jobs and a person is part of ... Read More »

What is the difference between union and union territory?

The Union were those states that had not broken away to form the Confederate States of America.After the outbreak of war, Union territory included whatever Southern areas the Union forces had manag... Read More »

When did the state of union message become know as the state of union address?

What is the state of the union address and why is it called the state of the union?

The Vice President and the speaker of the House (of Representatives). They are Currently Joe Biden(VP) and John Boehner (SOTHOR)