How to Get a Toddler to Stop Writing on Walls?

Answer Let their imaginations run free, but only on paper.Sooner or later, kids with crayons seem inevitably to stray onto the walls. Young kids just aren't born knowing where it's ok to draw and where it... Read More »

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Can you offer a solution toddler 1 was caught performing oral sex on toddler 2 One toddler is 4 the performer and the other is 3 cousins they were caught Older toddler also has bruises and odd ideas?

Get these children to a doctor as soon as you possibly can. This is an emergency. At least one of these children was obviously sexually molested and needs help now. The police should also be contac... Read More »

What is the meaning of writing on the walls?

The "handwriting on the wall" is found in Judeo-Christian Book of Daniel. It references the moment when King Belshazzar saw the "fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wal... Read More »

What language was the writing on the walls of Saint Mark's basilica in?

Most of the mosaic inscriptions found on the walls of St. Mark's basilica are written in Latin, and a few others are in Greek. The Latin inscriptions include Bible passages and medieval texts, as ... Read More »

How to Stop a Toddler From Hunching?

A lifetime of slouching, hunching and having generally poor posture will lead to several health issues, including bone spurs, back issues, pain and disc damage, according to the Cascade Wellness Ce... Read More »