How to Get a Temporary Job Over 50?

Answer Finding a job can be unpleasant for people of all ages, but the job hunting process may seem even more overwhelming to people over 50. You may feel like you are much older than other applicants, or... Read More »

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How to Use a Sealer Over Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are mini works of art, with the added benefit of no lasting regrets once you've tired of it. There are a number of temporary tattoos available on the market--those that last sever... Read More »

Would the insurance company for the owner of the car cover for accident happened when a person with temporary permit driving the car alone and that learner is over 21?

How does a person get temporary custody of your infant without you signing over your rights and not going before a judge?

Answer It is not necessary to obtain a court order to permit a friend or family member to care for your child temporarily (less than three months). You will need to give written permission allowing... Read More »

What Makes Temporary Ink Temporary?

There is no difference between the inks used for permanent or temporary tattoos. The difference comes from the method of ink application to the skin, and the skin's ability to shed the ink.