How to Get a Teenage Boy to Like You (13 17)?

Answer Girls, these days the stakes are raised pretty high for us. Some boys want the sexiest girls. They are teenagers, their hormones are running crazy, but with these simple tasks, you can learn how to... Read More »

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What do teenage boys look forin teenage girls?

the younger the guy, the more he will care about looks because he isn't looking for a serious relationship (of course there are exceptions to this). older guys will care about looks to, but it most... Read More »

Why do people make a big deal out of being a teenage mom but not being a teenage dad?

You shouldn't of had sex in the first place, now you will have to deal with the baby, its your fault and your problem x Moms will think they are the best, Dads will think they are the best**Anyone ... Read More »

Why does auto insuance costs more for young teenage boys than it does for young teenage girls?

insurance variation because young men are far more likely to have a car accident than what young women are. it's because of the "live fast, die young" phenomena. young men have a greater amount of ... Read More »

How to Say No to Teenage Sex?

Is your boyfriend/girlfriend pressuring into sex when you don't feel ready? Read the steps below to know how to say no! It also explains how to be more open about sex and to make sure you do not ta... Read More »