How to Get a Teaching Job After Being Fired?

Answer Being let go from a teaching position is something that most teachers fervently hope they never have to experience; however, regardless of how carefully you try to avoid this outcome, a number of t... Read More »

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Ohio Laws About Being Paid After Being Fired?

Ohio state code protects the claim of an employee to his earned compensation. This claim is enforceable even when the employee has been dismissed from his employment. The Ohio employer must pay the... Read More »

How to Get Rehired After Being Fired?

Getting fired can be a defeating experience. When you sincerely want to work for the company that fired you, the will to get your job back may be stronger than the instinct to keep walking. If this... Read More »

How to Write a Resume After Being Fired?

Getting fired is a traumatic experience. Try to stay positive and focus on your next opportunity. Before you can actively seek another job, you must update your resume. The question is whether or n... Read More »

Can you collect unemployment after disability benefits end if you have been fired for being on disability in the state of California?

For this purpose you will have to apply through the Social Security Administration process. Make sure that you specify that you seek disability, rather than retirement, benefits. You may be able to... Read More »