How to Get a Suction Cup to Stick on Your Bathtub Permanently?

Answer If you need to make a suction cup stick to bath tub permanently rather than just for a short period of time, here is a solution.

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How do suction cups stick?

According to the Suction Cup Museum's website, the first suction cups were actually hollowed out gourds used in ancient Greek medical procedures. The modern suction cup was developed in the late 19... Read More »

What makes a suction cup stick?

A suction cup sticks to a surface because the air in between the suction cup and the surface is removed, creating a vacuum.SurfacesSuction cups work best on smooth, non porous surfaces such as glas... Read More »

Do suction cups stick equally well to different surfaces?

A smooth, nonporous surface is best for providing the airtight seal necessary for suction cups to work. Textures surfaces work less well or not at all. A suction cup adheres to a surface by establi... Read More »

How to Make Suction Cups Stick on Tiles?

Countless organizers exist for the shower and bath, yet most require installation with suction cups. Many people cringe at the thought of depending on suction cups to stick to their tile because of... Read More »