How to Get a Street Light Fixed in the Carolinas?

Answer You are out walking the doggy one night and have a little more trouble than usual seeing where you are going. Could it be that a street light has burned out? You can use the internet to get your pr... Read More »

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How do you cut or drill through a fixed wall mirror to mount a light fixture?

Answer i think you should drill through the wall slowlyThe question was about drilling an hole in a mirror. I think the correct way to do this is to mark out where the hole is required, get some pu... Read More »

When is stone crab season in the Carolinas?

Stone crab season from Florida to the Carolinas is from Oct. 15 to May 15. The quality of the season depends a lot on the weather. They are always served cooked by either boiling or steaming them.S... Read More »

LED Street Light Suppliers?

An LED light (light-emitting diode) is designed to produce a glowing light with far less energy than a common incandescent bulb. A street light is programmed to shine at a specific time each day so... Read More »

How to Turn off a Street Light?

Sick of that street light coming in your window when you'e trying to sleep? Here's the way to turn it off and finally go to sleep or get back to what you were doing.