How to Get a Sonic Chao?

Answer Have you ever seen those cute blue chao that resemble Sonic? Don't you want one to play with/use in races? Read on!

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How to Get a Shadow Chao and a Sonic Chao?

This is all the information that all of you Sonic fans (or Shadow fans) need to know on how to get a Shadow chao and a Sonic chao.

How to Make a Sonic Chao Sa2B?

This is what your chao will look like in the end.Okay just in case you're wondering how to make a Sonic chao this is the right person to listen to.

How to Make a Super Sonic Chao?

This will show you how to make a Super Sonic chao in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

chaos hero chaoDo you want a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle? It's possible. Chaos Chao are immortal and they come in three types: Angel,Dark,and Neutral. They are very useful for races and ... Read More »