How to Get a Snapped Off Key Out of an Ignition?

Answer Snapping a key off in your car's ignition switch is not a pleasant feeling. It prevents you from driving your car until the broken piece can be removed. You can call a locksmith, or you can do it y... Read More »

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My speaker cable has snapped how do i fix it?

If it snapped at the connector, you will have to purchase a new one. If just the wire broke, you can repair it. Speaker wires are two-stranded. Turn off the system and disconnect the broken cabl... Read More »

How to Remove a Snapped Bolt From an Engine Block?

It's the sound that every mechanic hates to hear: the snapping of a bolt while it's being tightened. Although torque wrenches and other tools make it easier for mechanics and DIYers to tighten bolt... Read More »

The interior handle on my upvc door just snapped off in my hand?

Handles are sold as pairs and are attached to the escutcheon plate.This is the metal/plastic plate through which the handle goes.If you unscrew this you will find it removes easily from the door br... Read More »

Snapped a termite infested palm tree at school?

Forget the termites, they may be just grass-eater type and no threat to anyone. Palms don't ever grow back like trees can. Go for the 'rough game' defence, say the palm wasn't expected to break and... Read More »