How to Get a Shrink in the Terminal (Mac Os X)?

Answer Hidden in Mac OS X are a number of little 'Easter Eggs' or 'Hidden Features'. One of these is called the 'Eliza Artificial Intelligence' which is a satirical attempt at an Artificially Intelligent ... Read More »

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How Shrink DVDs Using DVD Shrink 2.3?

Some DVDs are dual-layer discs containing 8.5 GB of data. Single-layer DVDs (the typical blank DVD media) only hold 4.7 GB. DVD Shrink helps re-encode a DVD movie so it fits a single-layer blank DV... Read More »

What is a clamshell terminal?

A clamshell terminal refers to any number of devices, such as cellular devices or laptops, that have two distinct parts and close at a central pivot point, in the same manner as a clam's shell clos... Read More »

How to Ping Using the Terminal App on a Mac?

Need help determining if a website, mail server, printer, file server or other computer is online? By using the Ping command, you can test any IP address or URL. The ping command sends packets (the... Read More »

What are some terminal illnesses?

The problem with most terminal illnesses is that they make you look sick before you die. You want someone who looks healthy until they die. So consider something like Type 1 diabetes or asthma. ... Read More »