How to Get a Shrink in the Terminal (Mac Os X)?

Answer Hidden in Mac OS X are a number of little 'Easter Eggs' or 'Hidden Features'. One of these is called the 'Eliza Artificial Intelligence' which is a satirical attempt at an Artificially Intelligent ... Read More »

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How Shrink DVDs Using DVD Shrink 2.3?

Some DVDs are dual-layer discs containing 8.5 GB of data. Single-layer DVDs (the typical blank DVD media) only hold 4.7 GB. DVD Shrink helps re-encode a DVD movie so it fits a single-layer blank DV... Read More »

How to use the wc command in terminal?

for something like that I'd use grep and pipe the result through wc as ingrep xxx file | wc -wYou do what you suggest and it should say wc: xxx: No such file or directory

Is an mba a terminal degree?

Although doctorate degree programs in business have been introduced at various universities, in general, an MBA (master's in business administration) is considered a terminal degree. A terminal deg... Read More »

Ubuntu 12.04 terminal?

Type in the password for your account and hit enter. The password will not be shown as you enter it i.e. it will be invisible. Just enter the password correctly when prompted.