How to Get a Second Date?

Answer A first date can be nerve wracking; especially if you like your date and you are hoping to see your date again. If you are looking to get a second date, there are ways in which you can improve your... Read More »

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How to Turn Down a Second Date?

In the world of dating, you will experience first dates you definitely don't want to repeat. However, if the other person involved enjoyed your time together, he may ask you on a second date. This ... Read More »

How to Decide to Avoid a Second Date?

After the first date, perhaps she's the apple of your eye or the man of your dreams. Or is there a niggling feeling inside that says that the next date isn't really worth it. Here are some ways to ... Read More »

Can second class petty officer and chief petty officer date?

Generally no, it is covered under fraternization in the military.

If you could date any celebrity in the world who would you date Who's the last celebrity you'd date?

I'd date Reggie Bush. In fact, he's my future husband, lol.The last person I'd date is Dustin Diamond. Have you ever seen Celebrity Fit Club? Yeah, well, even if you haven't...yuck.