How to Get a RuneScape Membership Without Your Parents Finding Out?

Answer Runescape does not send you phone calls or mail back if you get membership using the PaybyCash option.

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How to Ask Your Parents for RuneScape Membership?

So, you've completed a lot of free-to-play activities on RuneScape, and want something more. Why not get a membership? Oh, wait. You have to ask your parents first. If you want to convince your par... Read More »

How to Know If RuneScape Membership Is for You?

Runescape is an MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game. As with most MMOs, there a free (grunt) and membership account. Before choosing to become a member, one should know some b... Read More »

How to Get a RuneScape Membership Card?

Using a "RuneScape" member card to play the massively multiplayer online role-playing game of the same name eliminates any risk of your credit card being stolen. A "RuneScape" member card allows us... Read More »

Can a prepaid Visa card be used to buy a Runescape membership in the USA?

Runescape uses Worldpay as a payment partner, and accepts Visa, Delta and MasterCard gift cards. However, since Runescape's company headquarters is in the U.K., you cannot use a pre-paid Visa card ... Read More »