How to Get a Religious Girl to See Past Agnostic or Atheistic Beliefs?

Answer Many agnostics and atheists will want a romantic relationship with women who have religious beliefs, and sometimes this becomes a problem. Have you ever had trouble getting a date with someone who ... Read More »

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R&P: What are your religious beliefs?

YES SKYWALKER, SEE CLEARLY MY CHILD!BQ: NO. John Lennon was a scratty old lazy hippie, who sat in his bed 'to prove a point'. I stay in bed all Sunday, do I call it a protest? No, it's a hangover, ... Read More »

Different Religious Beliefs in the Classroom?

Public schools are not allowed to teach religion in the classroom, but they are permitted to teach about religion as it relates to literature and historical events; that is, in a secular manner. Te... Read More »

Religious Beliefs in the Middle Colonies?

When the pilgrims fled England, they were seeking religious freedom. One of the benefits of the colonies was the freedom to be a member of the religion of their choosing without facing persecution ... Read More »

What are Bill Murray's religious beliefs?

Bill Murray was raised Catholic. I hope Christ has a part in his life as an adult, but only God knows where Bill's heart is because he never speaks of his beliefs.