How to Get a Reasonable Rate for a Family Loan?

Answer The kinds of household loans that are often called family loans can be difficult to get for families that have low income, less assets and a less than perfect credit score. Many families rely on cr... Read More »

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Construction Loan Rate Vs. Permanent Loan Rate?

Construction loan rates for residential mortgages are computed differently than the rates for permanent loans. Construction loan rates are not fixed but "float" up or down during the construction p... Read More »

How can I get rid of my private student loan and switch to a federal loan with a lower interest rate?

Call the US Department of Education because sometimes they will buy your loan off and then you can pay them instead. I have a student loan through the Dept. of Ed. and my interest is only 2%. Cal... Read More »

Reasonable Excuses Under the Family Law Act?

Australia's Family Law Act of 1975 deals with issues related to divorce. Specifically, the act addresses the custody of the children and legal issues that arise from children splitting time with th... Read More »

Is there an insurance company writing contractors general liability at a reasonable rate in Nevada?

Answer Absolutely. Answer Yes,National General Insurance Company, Inc is offer low cost Contractors General Liability coverage in Nevada. Contact Phone for them is 480-545-1999 or email info@nginsu... Read More »