How to Get a Razr Cell Phone Working?

Answer If you just got a MOTORAZR, here's how to make it work.

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What do I use to transfer everything from one Razr to another Razr cell phone?

You can use either a USB cable or a Bluetooth to connect your Razr to a computer. Once connected, you can use Motorola Phone Tools to transfer your information, including pictures, onto your comput... Read More »

How to Upload Photos from Cell Phone Motorola Razr?

You took pictures using your Motorola cell phone but need to download them?  Follow these steps and you will be successful. Your cell phone "communicates" with your Photobucket account. If the con... Read More »

Is it true that the razr phone an easily break would a person need to buy cell insurance?

GET INSURANCE!!!!!!!!-Razrs are not the greatest phones out there. I had many complains about them. They do break easy. Be careful with bugs and the systems. The lcd is also not really good. If y... Read More »

HELP, My cell phone isn't working!?

What you have to do.. is open it up... take the battery , cover , everything that is removable and let it open.. 1 night if u can near the window or where it gets good air.. be sure to leave it ... Read More »