How to Get a Password for a Kodak Picture Kiosk?

Answer Kodak Picture Kiosks are digital photo printers located in stores. You can take your digital photo files to be printed in a matter of minutes instead of waiting days for film to be developed, while... Read More »

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How do i fix the picture color on my kodak?

How can i take a non blurry picture on my kodak digital camera?

Two obvious things spring to mind.First, increase the ISO setting. I don't know what it's currently on but put it up to 800 or even 1600 and that will get more light into the camera.Then, use flash... Read More »

How do you add music to the Kodak SV811 picture frame?

Connect the SV811 to your computer via USB, and you will see it as a "Removable Drive" in My Computer. Then just copy your MP3 files to the main directory (the photos are also stored there).

I have a Kodak ESP 3250, can I just scan a picture to my computer without printing?