How to Get a Passing Grade in Your Worst Subject?

Answer Have you ever been in a class and while the teacher is talking like he/she is speaking in a language you can't understand? You think to yourself, "how in the world am I going to pass this class?" H... Read More »

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Is is wrong to sleep with my daughter's 8th grade Algebra teacher in order to get her a passing grade?

I only wish my mother had been as thoughtful as you. It would have been way less traumatic for her to do my teacher than for me to have anxiety about math credits. You are a good woman, and you bes... Read More »

How to Ace Your Worst School Subject?

For most of us, there is always that one subject in school that we just can't master. The most common is math! While it may not be easy, there is a way to do well in that subject.. depending on how... Read More »

Is 70 a passing grade?

A grade of 70, which is equivalent to a "D" or a "poor" rating, is a passing grade, according to the U.S Department of Education's International Affairs Office. A grade below 65 represents an "F" ... Read More »

What is a passing grade for the FCAT writing?

Florida high school students are required to pass the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, or FCAT, to graduate. A score of 300 or higher is considered a passing mark. The test combines a writing... Read More »