How to Get a Paid Board Position?

Answer Having a paid board position is a great way to make strategic decisions and influence important events while getting compensated to do so. However, getting such an appointment is no easy task. For ... Read More »

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What is the most paid position in the CIA?

No - the CIA is an independent agency within the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. It is not uncommon, however, to have an active duty military officer (must be 4-star rank) to be appointed ... Read More »

How to Position a Board to Break It in Martial Arts?

Test or showing off to friends, this article gives you the essential knowledge for positioning a board for a great break.

Is it legal for our condo board president order the property mgr to close a bank account on which the board treasurer had issued a cheque for payment which the president did not want paid?

The aggrieved party who may have a legal question is the payee named on the check. The conduct of the board -- by this example, carrying on a disagreement with counter-productive and rather public... Read More »

Do the members of the Board of Regents get paid?

If you mean a board member of a condominium association, a co-op or a home owners association, probably no. Read your governing documents to verify that regents/ board members cannot receive paymen... Read More »