How to Get a Nice Body?

Answer Do you feel the urge to look good? You may wish to impress someone you like, show off to your mates, or just to be overall good looking. Developing and maintaining a nice body will do this for you.... Read More »

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How to get a nice fit body?

Damn, go team! Ahem, anyway: You're bottom heavy. You need to accentuate your shoulders and back especially through weight-lifting. This will give you a pleasing v-shape on top. Increase the weight... Read More »

Do i have a nice body?

Haha..hunn your body is the best it can be..saw the pictures and thinkk your pretty cute. yO! you sorta remind me of se7en from Brokencyde. tehehe the hurr. anyway yush your body is just fine and a... Read More »

Someone who is ripped, and toned answer this quesiton! (little body fat, nice abs)?

insanity is not the best plan for youyou need to really hit the gym an start lifting weights.. you have to develop some muscle mass on your body. lift heavy.. an do cardio exercise 1-2 a week for 3... Read More »

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