How to Get a Mentor in the Film Industry If I Do Not Have a Film Degree?

Answer With patience, talent and some pluck you may be able to get a mentor in the film industry without a film degree. Even with the established contacts film students often have, breaking into film maki... Read More »

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How is the Australian film industry?

It's quite strong. Take a look at NIDA, it's students are very highly regarded.…

What is the best known for investigating communism in the film industry?

They purchase the latest and greatest from vendors selling new equipment they would use and they have some of it specifically made for them too. Now that I have told you I will have to kill myself.... Read More »

Is the CIA best known for investagating communism in the film industry?

In your opinion who are the top 20 most important people in the film industry?

These might not be in a specific order, considering the fact that deciding importance is opinion based:1. William K.L. Dickson2. Thomas Edison3. Alfred Hitchcock4. Walt Disney5. Edwin Porter6. The ... Read More »