How to Get a Melted Crayon Out of the Upholstery of a Car?

Answer Keeping your children busy during a long car trip can make your drive more peaceful. Coloring can keep your children occupied, but when a crayon is forgotten in the car and melts on the upholstery,... Read More »

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How do I remove melted crayon from upholstery?

Scrape off as much of the melted crayon as you can from the upholstery. To do this, use a metal spoon or dull knife, recommends Crayola's official website. Lightly spray WD-40 directly on the uphol... Read More »

How do I remove melted crayon from car upholstery?

IronSet your iron to a low heat. Test a small section of upholstery in a hidden spot for its heat resistance before you start the wax removal by placing the warm iron against the upholstery. Remove... Read More »

How to Make Melted Crayon Art?

Melted crayon art is an easy and fun thing to do for those artistic adventurers out there. It's so simple.

How can I get melted crayon out of an automobile seat?

I'd avoid chemicals as to avoid ruining the seat even more. But it's just wax, perhaps it will peel off. Maybe apply a little heat with a hair dryer and try peeling it off.