How to Get a Medical Degree (USA)?

Answer Dedication and discipline are two traits that individuals who wish to get a medical degree must possess. To make it through any program, medical students must be willing to spend countless hours st... Read More »

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What Type of College Degree Is an Associate Degree in Medical Office Systems?

Medical office staff bill patients and insurance companies, organize and maintain patient records, schedule appointments and work with budgets. Most medical offices today use a variety of computer ... Read More »

What is an M.F. medical degree?

MF stands for Master of Forestry; it is not a medical degree. An MF is a graduate-level degree that teaches students how to manage forests for parks and tree farms.References:Duke: Master of Forest... Read More »

What does a D.O. medical degree mean?

A D.O. medical degree stands for doctor of osteopathic medicine. A doctor of osteopathic medicine must complete four years of medical school; in treatment, he focuses on the whole body rather than ... Read More »

What degree would you get if you had medical training?

Most fields in the health care industry require you to complete a unique degree or certification indicating your medical training. Some of the more common are associate degrees for licensed practic... Read More »